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What's Next for Wilshire Park?

Friends of Wilshire Park has been busy in 2021. At the end of February, we helped Portland Parks and Recreation plant over 200 native plants in the park. When you're walking through the park, look at the north and south ends to see the progress we've made. Big thank you to our volunteers!

Next, we've been working on determining our next priority initiative for the park. Considering feedback from neighbors and the likelihood of Portland Parks and Rec's collaboration, we've landed on adding water to the dog park! As a newer dog owner, I know this will be an appreciated addition to the off-leash area of the park. However, this enhancement will be dependent on Portland Parks and Rec's approval and necessary fundraising for the project. We'll keep you updated!

Other projects we're considering for the future include redoing the splash pad for kids, getting the dog park more fenced in, redoing the play equipment for older children, and adding seating to the toddler area. We're open to any other ideas neighbors and the citizens of Portland might have about other park improvements. Wilshire Park is for everyone.

Members of Friends of Wilshire Park meet virtually on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Please contact Gary Hancock at for the links to the meetings or learn more here.

See you around the park!

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