About Us

The Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association (BWNA) is one of 95 officially recognized neighborhood associations that are part of Portland’s historic, nationally renowned tradition of local volunteer activism and involvement.

Membership in BWNA is open to all residents, non-resident property owners, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations located within the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood boundary. The BWNA boundary area, shown in the map, includes much of the Fremont and NE 42nd Avenue business districts, Beaumont Middle School, and Wilshire Park.

There are no dues or initiation fees required to be a member of BWNA or participate in its activities. Bimonthly general membership meetings are open to all and consider neighborhood concerns and allow neighbors to learn about various topics. An elected, all-volunteer board that plans activities and studies neighborhood issues also meets bimonthly, and those meetings also are open to all.

Mission Statement

The mission of BWNA is to enhance the livability of our neighborhood by undertaking various neighborhood improvement projects, examining local issues, and serving as a conduit for communication between neighbors, government agencies and officials, area businesses, and other neighborhood institutions and groups. We are committed to diversity and equity in all our activities. We work closely with the Beaumont Business Association and are allied with eight other nearby neighborhood associations through the Central Northeast Neighbors coalition.

BWNA produces a free bimonthly newsletter that is distributed to the doorsteps of over 2,600 neighborhood residences and businesses by volunteers. Advertisements by local merchants and organizations support the newsletter, which invites letters, editorials, articles, and announcements from neighbors. Our BWNA website complements the newsletter and provides additional information about BWNA and its activities and organization.

Inclusion Statement

 The Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association (BWNA) is committed to diversity and equity in all our activities. We welcome and celebrate everyone in our neighborhood and, as per our longtime by-laws, condemn any form of discrimination, exclusion, or expression of hatred based on race, ethnicity, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, legal citizenship, national origin, income, political affiliation, or any other basis of personal identity people might use to divide us.


Accordingly, we pledge:   

1) To listen and learn, and to assess our own practices and policies in regards to equity and inclusion.        

2) To seek advice in particular on how to combat racism in our neighborhood and our city, and welcome feedback that makes us better allies to our neighbors of color.        

3) To develop ways we can confront discrimination and support cooperation among Beaumont-Wilshire neighbors.

Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors


Sam Balto

Board Member

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2018

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2021

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I joined the BWNA Board because I wanted to work  to create a more active, safe and connected community for our children.  I am passionate about advocating for safe pedestrian and bike infrastructure and using streets as a tool to bring people together."

  • Contact: E: sambalto@gmail.com

Patty Nelson.jpeg

Patty Nelson

Board Member

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2018

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2021

  • Why I joined BWNA:  "I joined the board because I love our neighborhood and our city and hope to contribute in a meaningful way to maintain our neighborhood character and livability, bring friends and neighbors together, and support our local businesses."

  • Contact: P: 503- 281-8035


Tim Gillespie


  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 1979

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2018

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I’ve always appreciated that C.E.S. Wood quote etched into the Skidmore Fountain downtown: 'Good citizens are the riches of a city.' I joined the board as a way to pitch in, be a useful neighbor, and strive toward good citizenship"

  • Contact: E: president@bwnapdx.org P: 503-287-6272


Barbara Strunk


  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 1976

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2014

  • Why I joined BWNA: "With the city changing so rapidly, being on the BWNA board is a way to share information, communicate with neighbors, and influence neighborhood and city decisions."

  • Contact: P: 503-284-7502


Karla Lenox


  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2008

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2013

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I’m aware that Treasurer is not a job that just anyone has the background for or interest in, and I felt it would be a good fit for my skill set as an Accountant.  I really had few excuses not to help out since the meetings are just around the corner from my house!  I enjoy the work of the position, helping out with the events that BWNA puts on, and working with the great people on the board."

  • Contact: E: treasurer@bwnapdx.org P: 503-686-5915


Tim Hemstreet

Immediate Past President

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2001

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2015

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I joined the board after many years of being aware of BWNA's activities and attending neighborhood events sponsored by BWNA, thinking I should probably spend some time contributing to BWNA's efforts to represent the neighborhood to the City and help out in BWNA's efforts to make our neighborhood a better place."

  • Contact: P: 503-239-6231

- John Sandie Pic.jpg

John Sandie

Board Member

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2011

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2012

  • Why I joined BWNA: "After finishing major house projects, I was looking for something to keep me active in retirement, and felt what better way  to spend my time and energies then on  local issues and improvements directly impacting the neighborhood around me."

  • Contact: 219-508-4162

Gary Hancock

Board Member

laurie - Copy.jpg

Laurie Holtz

Board Member

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2015

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2019

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I joined the board because I want to contribute to the momentum of the neighborhood and am hoping I can add a fresh perspective. It's important to me to support the local businesses and make sure Beaumont-Wilshire stays a clean and safe place for everyone. "

  • Contact: P: 612-327-5595


Andrew Rinke


  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2019

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2020

  • Why I joined BWNA: "Building community brings me joy. I hope to make a positive impact as a neighbor, and I'm energized participating within local government."

  • Contact: E: aprinke@gmail.com

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 2008

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2015

  • Why I joined BWNA:  I joined because of the issues of speeding, Wilshire Park improvements and homelessness. We have made some improvements on Wilshire Park. We are still working on the other two.

  • Contact: E: Outside503@aol.com


Al Ellis

Board Member

  • Resident of Beaumont-Wilshire since: 1990

  • Board Member of BWNA since: 2007

  • Why I joined BWNA: "I decided to join the Board because vacancies needed to be filled, because serving in a leadership role for the betterment of the neighborhood appealed to me, and because the meetings are just a walk across the street from my house."

  • Contact: E: editor@bwnapdx.org P: 503-287-0477