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Update from PBOT on Greenways and Slowing Traffic

Over the last few months, quite a few neighbors have raised concerns relating to traffic speed and safety issues; so it was very timely for BWNA to invite a Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) representative, Scott Cohen, to our April general meeting.

Scott gave a presentation on future plans for a Greenway touching on the Beaumont Wilshire area, as well as, plans to maintain and improve the Slow Streets Initiative that was prompted by the pandemic – you can see this presentation here. Scott also fielded some general questions on topics that are covered in an article in our May/June newsletter coming out shortly.

As an additional reference, you can view the Transportation Committee Proposal supported by the BWNA Board to pursue certain activities with PBOT which, in the short term, are centered on prototyping traffic calming ideas on Skidmore Street adjacent to Wilshire Park.

Interested in participating with the transportation committee? Email

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