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Beaumont-Wilshire's Young Artists

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

As you may have seen in this month's BWNA newsletter, we encouraged kids to color a picture and be entered in a raffle to win one of five $10 gift cards to Pip's Doughnuts. The purpose of this was to give the kids an activity while many of them are stuck at home—as well as support one of our local businesses.   This summer, as I was walking around with my 2.5-year-old, it was fun to take part in the Bear Hunt. People were putting bears in their windows so kids would have some activity to do while they were walking outside but having to avoid playgrounds, parks, etc. It got me thinking about what more we could do as a neighborhood to involve kids.  I was so appreciative of all the houses that were decorated for Halloween this year. My family spent every weekend of October walking or driving around the neighborhood looking for "spookies." My son's personal favorite was the inflatable dragons. If you had one of those and saw a black jeep driving by your house more than once, that was probably me. I'm hoping for the same neighborhood engagement on holiday decorating. Santa dragon anyone?! Anyway, we at BWNA are really loving all of the color entries being sent our way. Hopefully your kid(s) had a little bit of fun with this and if you have any other suggestions of what our neighborhood can be doing to entertain the little minds during these crazy times, by all means send our way!

Submission deadline is December 1st.  Don't have your newsletter? Download a blank duck with submission details here!

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