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Help the Neighbors. Help the Kids.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Covid-19 has impacted us all in different ways. A friend asked me last summer to name something good that has come out of being stuck at home. My answer was family dinners. It was nice to have that commute time back and sit at the table with my family instead of the mad rush from traffic to bedtime. Now...I'm over it. And so are they. Kidding! Kind of...

But I do find myself wondering what more I can do to help those that are struggling financially, especially in our very own neighborhood. Recently I was made aware of the Beaumont Family Resiliency Fund. It offers emergency microgrants to Beaumont Middle School students and their families who have been most impacted by this pandemic. The goal of these donations is to lessen the financial burden on these families that affect our students' overall well-being and the ability to be successful in school. Who knows—maybe some of these middle schoolers will go on to create the world's next vaccine.

No matter what, we know school is important and we know helping our neighbors is important. And here's a chance to support both. So please consider donating. Anything will help. Donate now.

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