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Chipper Volunteers at the Park

Updated: May 20, 2021

Last Saturday morning, aided by the beautiful weather, a group of more than 20 neighbors heeded the call for a mulching party at Wilshire Park.

A special shout out and thank you to members of BSA Troop 117 and Troop 5117, who lent a hand on moving the more than 20 yards of mulch. To provide a point of reference, each cubic yard is approximately 40 five-gallon buckets! All of that mulch now protects the newly planted beds by the south fence area for everyone to enjoy.

Friends of Wilshire Park, a subcommittee of BWNA, has developed a great working relationship with the Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R). As PP&R has opportunities to invest in our park, Friends of Wilshire Park and volunteers are ready to lend a hand in the beautification and maintenance of this neighborhood treasure.

Peter Mogielnicki, Beaumont-Wilshire resident and member of Friends of Wilshire Park, has acted as chief liaison with PP&R and facilitated the mulching party. Peter refers to these seasonal events as a "party" because "it's a means for neighbors to meet and get to know one another--all while getting a bit of exercise and sense of accomplishment."

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities and park events? Check out or reach out to BWNA Park Chair Gary Hancock at

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